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2014 Race Results

2014 Super Hero 5K Race Results

Thank you to all who participated in this year's record-breaking event! We had more than 400 race registrations and raised nearly $20,000 to help rescue and rehabilitate girls from lives in the sex trafficking industry! We are so thankful for every runner, walker, and volunteer who helped make this year's event an amazing success! Pictures will be coming soon. Meanwhile, we have provided a PDF file below with all the official results from the race. For more specific information on these resutls, please click here to visit Fleet Feet's official race results Website.


2014 Award Winners!

Corporate and Individual Fundraiser Awards


Fundraising Awards: Charter (Tom Degnan) & Emily Heitmeyer

Corporate Winner: Charter
(Accepted by Tom Degnan)
Individual Winner: Emily Heitmeyer



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September 26,


5K Winners

Overall Winners
Rich Barker

Rich Barker

Chelsea Ingrassia

Chelsea Ingrassia


Age Bracket: 17 & Under
Collin Bolles

Collin Bolles – Men's Gold

Christopher Brinkley

Christopher Brinkley – Men's Silver

Calen OBannon

Calen OBannon – Men's Bronze

Amanda Heltibrand

Amanda Heltibrand – Women's Gold

Brooke Lemp

Brooke Lemp – Women's Silver

Alyssa Rhea

Alyssa Rhea – Women's Bronze

Age Bracket: 18 to 29
Dan Eddins

Dan Eddins – Men's Gold

Justin Becher

Justin Becher – Men's Silver

Justin Hollensteiner

Justin Hollensteiner – Men's Bronze

Christina Erhart

Christina Erhart – Women's Gold

Kate McClaskey

Kate McClaskey – Women's Silver

Megan Ottomeyer

Megan Ottomeyer – Women's Bronze

Age Bracket: 30 to 49
Gary Swearingen

Gary Swearingen – Men's Gold

Ben Rohan

Ben Rohan – Men's Silver

Andrew Folsom

Andrew Folsom – Men's Bronze

Lisa Nichols

Lisa Nichols – Women's Gold

Amy Walker

Amy Walker – Women's Silver

Veronica High

Veronica High – Women's Bronze

Age Bracket: 50+
Scott Bayliff

Scott Bayliff – Men's Gold

Chris Behr

Chris Behr – Men's Silver

Pat Krepps

Pat Krepps – Men's Bronze

Michelle Schroder

Michelle Schroder – Women's Gold

Marjorie Hedrick

Marjorie Hedrick – Women's Silver

Jean Roussin

Jean Roussin – Women's Bronze


Costume Contest Winners

Children (0-10)
Lucas Morgan

Lucas Morgan – First Place

Nathan Lofton

Nathan Lofton – Second Place

Teddy Daugherty

Teddy Daugherty – Third Place

Teens (11-17)
Enoch Pellegrine

Enoch Pellegrine – First Place

David Wright

David Wright – Second Place

John Ellison

Jon Ellison – Third Place

Young Adults (18-25)
Rachel Terry

Rache'l Terry – First Place

Megan Ottomeyer

Megan Ottomeyer – Second Place

Sasha Robinson

Sasha Robinson – Third Place

Adults (26+)
Rich Morgan

Rich Morgan – First Place

Angela Dierlof

Angela Dierolf – Second Place

Felicia Black

Felicia Black – Third Place

Aaron, Stacey, Ella, Seth, & Noah Drake

Aaron, Stacey, Ella, Seth, &
Noah Drake – First Place

Brian and Robin Spurgeon

Brian & Robin Spurgeon –
Second Place

Eric & Dane Burns

Eric & Dane Burns –
Third Place 


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